Grading of beef quality


In beef grading four characters are examined and assessed.
The analyzed features are beef marbling, meat color,
meat texture and fat color, including quality.

The classification is based on 5 grades. These vary in rating from
class 1 (low quality) to class 5 (highest quality).

The overall assessment of meat quality is based on the lowest score
of the individual examined features.

1. Beef Marbling by BMS (Beef Marbling Standard)

2. Beef Color by BCS (Beef Colour Standard)
This feature is based on 7 color categories. An average color of meat is within category range 1 - 6.
Meat in these categories can be considered as quality grade 3 or higher. In addition, brightness of meat
is also evaluated by visual appraisal. The quality grade is assigned under consideration of all factors.



3. Texture and Frimness of Meat

The assessment of the characteristics firmness and texture of meat are evaluated by visual inspection.
The evaluation is also based on quality grades from 1 to 5.

4. Color and Quality of Fat by BFS (Beef Fat Standard)

The rating of fat color is also based on 7 categories. An average fat color is within category range 1 - 6
and can be evaluated with quality grade 3 or higher. The remaining factors, luster and quality,
will be assessed visually. The final grade of this character is rated simultaneously by the factors of
color, luster and quality.


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