The "Virngrund"-area was originally an expansive forest in which our municipality, Stodtlen, is ideally located.  Stodtlen is part of the Swabian Alps in southwest Germany, directly between Ulm and Wurzburg. The town belongs to the federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg and borders the state of Bavaria on its northeast perimeter. The famous Roman Limes also runs through the municipality.  

Over centuries the forest was settled and farming grew in popularity. The landscape is now characterized by alternations of forests, fields and numerous lakes.  

Historical studies suggest the name "Virngrund" comes from the Old High-German word "fergunna", which means smooth mountains. In fact, we could speak about gentle hills if we were to describe the area around Stodtlen. 

Another theory suggests the name Virngrund has its origins in "Fernground". Actual ferns dominate the forest-areas and can be found everywhere.


While it may be difficult to pinpoint the origins of the word Virngrund, it can be said that in every case the color green is dominating. Visitors can find mostly untouched pristine nature without any influence of industry.  These are the best conditions for our operations, creating a superb breeding culture for our cattle.

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