Our ambition has been to provide our customers with the highest quality meat. We searched world-wide for an appropriate cattle breed and hit upon the Wagyu breed, originally native to Japan.

It is very important for us to keep the animals as close to nature as possible. We act strictly according to EU-guidelines. The diet of our animals is composed primarily of self-produced farm feed.  Ecology and environmental protection take a primary role in our operation. We especially do not use any chemical pesticides on our pastures. The animals can move freely and, at any time, have free access to stable and pasture.  

To ensure a balanced feeding, we could run a local brewery from our project. In accordance with original Japanese feeding methods, we obtain residual products from the brewing process (such as beer yeast) and serve them as a supplement to our farm feed.  Many thanks to the Rotochsenbrauerei in Ellwangen for providing these products to us.

We are also very committed to the idea of sustainability.  It is essential for us to use our natural resources without harm to the environment. By focusing on long-term returns, healthy economic activities are pos-
sible. The preservation of nature and the environment is central to our focus. Our operations will only be successful if we can ensure this.

Our ambition is to provide the highest quality product. Therefore, we also underline the Slow Food idea.  Quality takes time. Our cattle are developing more slowly through the mix of free-range and feeding and need about 3 years to achieve full growth. Our customers know what they eat. The production of this premium-product is based on the highest level quality and is a guaranteed pleasure, piece by piece.

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