Our farm is located on the outskirts of Stodtlen with direct access to our pasture. The estate has been in our family for nearly 400 years, dating back to historic records from 1625. We are currently the 10th and 11th generation to operate the farm.  

Originally, our family’s farming business was focused on the dairy industry. Since 2005, we have dealt predominately with Wagyu. We currently have one of the largest purebred Wagyu cattle farms in Germany. All of our animals are full-blooded Wagyu. We consciously do not cross with other cattle breeds. This is and has been our claim since we started breeding Wagyu. We are currently laying the foundation for our future projects.  

We maintain a very hands-on approach with all of our animals.  Since we raise them from birth, they are (from an early age) very trusting.  You are always welcome as our guest to tour our facilities and meet our Wagyu. Please don't hesitate to visit us at our green oasis, "Virngrund".




Virngrund WAGYU   |   Thomas Spang   |   Kirchstrasse 12   |   73495 Stödtlen